Ortho research

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Feb 7, 2017
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It seems like the ortho department at my school does very little research. Barely finding anything and projects are moving incredibly slow bc they're other long term projects or attendings are taking forever to move the project forward. What should I do?

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Do you have any institutions around you that have PIs or attendings publishing work? You don't always have to do all your work at your home institution, a lot of people will go to their surrounding institutions for help when it comes to research and if its a big name place sometimes that might start a discussion when it comes to interviews (not that it will really make or break you, but I worked at a big name place for a summer and that got noticed and was a conversation starter).

What year are you? Some details would help.
Echoing the post above, I go to a DO with no ortho dept (and really no clinical research opportunities), so I reached out to the closest MD school with ortho (only about an hour away). Luckily had connections there, but you may have to email a few people before you get a response. If you're in a similar situation, go to the ortho faculty page associated with whatever residency program you're looking at, and they should specify who is the head of research of whichever subspecialty.