Osteo EM Student Rotations

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May 18, 2010
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Thought it would be useful to have a thread with the basic objective info on the osteo EM rotations while planning for auditions. I'll start it off with the one I've done and update it with the ones I complete this year as I do them. If we all contribute, we should get every program within the next few months.

Program: Integris SW Medical Center
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Schedule: 14 x 12 hour shifts, mix of days (7a-7p) and nights (7p-7a)
Flexibility: E-mail days off needed to coordinator before rotation (can request up to 4)
Interview: Rotation required to interview, 2nd rotation recommended
Housing: None provided. A few residents may have rooms for rent, otherwise hotels available
Meals: Free in cafeteria (unlimited)
Parking: Free on site
Dress code: Scrubs with white coat
Transportation: About 10-15 minutes from airport, probably need to bring or rent car

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