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Sep 5, 2008
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i was talking to a 1st year osteopathic orthopedic surgery resident and he told me that statistically it is easier for a DO to match into DO-ortho then an allo matching to into MD-ortho. he told me that there were 10 applications for 1 DO ortho residency, in contrast to 20 applicants for 1 MD residency. is this true? also what other specialties are easier to match into as a DO applying to osteo? gas? rads?

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Mar 2, 2008
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Generally, all of them, since the only applicants applying for osteopathic spots are osteopathic students, where as for allopathic spots, you are competing with allopaths, IMGS, and osteopaths. There may be some exceptions to this, depending on the percieved quality of education, location, and other factors of each individual program. But in general, there are 10 times as many allopaths as osteopaths graduating each year, and about 50% of osteopaths don't participate in the osteopathic match, so you're talking about an approximately 11:1 ratio of applicants.
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