Out of state pharmacy school

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would you recommend going to pharmacy school out of state? Even if you plan on practicing in the same state?

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Cost of attendance would be much higher.
^ If only that was true for California in-state, I wouldn't bother applying out of state.
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Cost of attendance would be much higher.
depends on the schools. State funding has been cut to many universities. So often there is ZERO diff between instate and out of state. Check the price!
I'm just wondering if I go out of state, I'm making more connections with people from out of state. Do you think if I come to my home state, the connections I've made out of state will help me find a job in state?
If you are good at your job, your reputation will carry through different states, especially true if you plan to work in huge retail stores like CVS, Walgreens, Krogers.
Depends on the state.

If you're going out of state for school and trying to get back into California or New York then forget it. There are thousands who go out of state for school (and work) but can't land a job or transfer back in CA/NY because there are so many others trying to do the same, in addition to the massive hordes of graduates from all the new schools.

Whether you go to school in state or out of state, be prepared to work out of state indefinitely.