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Overall Chances-MSW Programs


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Nov 23, 2015
  1. Psychology Student
Hello Everyone!

I wanted to know my chances for Grad School. I went to an info session the other day and I panicked. I wanted to make sure that either my GPA or some form of experience that I have gained will get me through.
I have noticed that a majority of Social Work Programs are 3.0 worthy and so I want to know if I should go with what I have or do something to raise my GPA.

I finally got my Bachelors in Psych from Cal State Northridge with a cum. GPA of 2.94. I calcuated the last 60 units and it says I got a 3.02. I am now preparing to get all my MSW applications squared away. I have yet to take the GRE( but I am planning to ).
Right now I have looked at:

University of Washington
San Jose State

among others. Right now the only experience I have is doing Depression/Suicide Awareness with college students via a program called the Blues Project and right now I am working with two kids with Autism. I also have some slight Public Health experience doing an internship before I graduated so IDK if that helps.

So my questions are:
1) Will my GPA be good enough? I honestly hoped and prayed the last semester would go great like I planned but it didnt which is where I feel my GPA lies. I have heard that LORs, GRE, and a stellar personal statement might save my life but IDK whats true or not so where do I stand?

2) If not what are my options? like I said my goal is to take the GRE and see what happens and hopefullyI score in a pretty good range. Is there a way I could take some classes to boost my GPA perhaps?

3) Is my experience okay or do I need more? Some programs say at least a year of experience. Some don't mention a time frame so am I good?

Hopefully someone can answer this for me. After the info session and my constant research, MSW and doing social work is calling me in and I want to make sure I have all my cards right.

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