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Dec 17, 2003
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I've tried searching for it on the internet but couldnt find any information really...(lifestyle, etc.) I was just curious about it because my brothers wife gave birth a couple days ago. 6 lb baby boy. Unfortuneately the poor guy has a hole in his heart and a cleft in the soft pallette..(both hereditary on my mothers side...)...anyhow he's a trooper, and I'm his proud Auntie!:D:D

anyone can help me with PA's in OBGYN??
working hours, etc.?


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Aug 15, 2002
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Great question..the only thing I can add to it is my personal experience after shadowing an OB/GYN PA. She is the Director of a Maternal Health & Well Child Clinic, and has clinical and admin duties. You can imagine she is one busy lady, she is awesome! I would bet she clocks in at least 70 hrs. a week or more. I imagine you would clock more hours if you were on call vs. regular clinic hours only, etc. NPs have really carved out their place in OB/Gyn, so I would make a point to ask them the same question as well. Best of luck!

Monika :)
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