Pain Management around Austin, TX immediate need

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Nov 5, 2010
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Practice north of Austin, TX in a community with large Military population seeks to add a pain management physician. There would be a base salary and production bonus plus benefits. The owner is a Physiatrist . The pain management position would be filled by a Physiatrist. The practice does some emg (owner doesnt like emg so you could do all of those), musculoskeletal rehab, but most of the referrals are for pain (interventional lumbar, and cervical and non-interventional). The practice doesnt have a lot of assets to share in terms of partnership, so the structure would be an employed position with a yearly base in the mid 200s plus a bonus structure that would rise each of the first four years to a maximum of 80 % of collections. This would be the first year you would get the base+20% collections, year 2 base +40%, year 3 base plus 60%, and topping out year 4 and beyond base +80%.
Many candidates want to be in the major cities of Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston. Its hard to find a great practice situation these days in those overcrowded areas. This position for some, may have the best of both worlds. Proximity to Austin, yet still in a smaller town which has a draw of several hundred thousand, but not as much competition, plus room to grow.

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