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Jul 23, 2004
Hi Guys quick question,

I strongly suspect someone is selling oxy's but I have a question and maybe you guys can shed some light.

A month ago I denied a person from filling oxycodone because he was getting oxy/apap from another doctor and going to different pharmacies. I knew this because of GA's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.

Then he came back a month later and I denied him again and he got mad and came back to the pharmacy counter asking why. And I told him he got multiple pain meds filled with other doctors.

And I talked to my technician about this but here is what I find very unusual. She told me that he is always near the pharmacy drop off counter accompanying someone else as they are trying to get their prescription filled for Oxy's, and any other controlled substance. This fact really bothered me. Why is he accompanying other people as they are trying to get their C-II medication filled? Who is he to do that?

Then today, a woman came to get her C-II filled and I denied her and 10 minutes later, this same guy shows up. He was more upset that we denied her than the actual patient.

Can someone explain what role this guy is playing?

Should I contact the DEA or first talk to my company before doing so?


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Oct 5, 2013
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Why is he accompanying other people as they are trying to get their C-II medication filled?

I am thinking that either

1. he has been "with the pharmacy" longer than you have. :shrug:(Under the current name or otherwise) If that is the case you can bet there are more like him. You just have to adjust the slate to "your practice" standard.


2. If he did just appear you are already doing a good job at setting him straight. He is going to get tired of dealing with you. Just cross your "t"s and dot your "i"s and take it in stride.

Remember you are in control and accountable for the outcomes of dispensing. If you can nail him for something than do it but otherwise your walking a fine line. You need support for action outside of the dispensing role IMO i.e. inquiry into the nature of his relationship with other customers...

In my location we have a special ops team that handles prescription diversion. Maybe you do to. If not and he persists I would call your local office of the DEA and ask for assistance/guidance. The DAs office is responsible for the prosecution of such crimes and they may already have a line on him. I kahooted with the DA to bust up a couple of diversion schemes. I found this to be a mutually rewarding exchange but being a witness for the prosecution doesn't wig me out. :highfive:


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Jul 11, 2006
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Don't contact the DEA!!!!! First off there is nothing they will really do about an individual who is diverting controlled substances. What they will (or possibly at least) investigate the prescribers and could likely investigate your pharmacy and the pharmacy manager. They will want to know why meds were dispensed if there was suspicion.

Remember, according to the DEA, if you have "ANY" doubt that the prescription was not written for a legitimate medical purpose and you dispense the medication, you are wrong!!!! They don't care if the PDMP checks out, or if it is a real blank, from a real Doc, with a real license. If you suspect anything you are not supposed to dispense.

There should be a local law enforcement team dedicated to prescription drug diversion in your area. I suggest you report this individual to them and then block this person from you system for any controlled substance.
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