Part 2 Decks Corrections

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Aug 5, 2003
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has anyone checked out the corrections posted on the flashcard company website for part 2 2001 edition decks? does it seem like some more cards have mistakes that havent been addressed on the site?

eg: the oral path deck on enamel hypoplasia and hypocalcification- the causes seem to be interchanged.

please do share with all of us if u come across any more decks with blatant mistakes so we can all learn something that makes sense.


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toothmail here it is:

1.go to the hypoglycemic drugs in the pharmacology section.
insulin injections:the third one is intermediate acting not immediate acting(nph and lente).
2.go to the adrenergic drugs section.
for asthma i think there was (albuterol and metoprolol and terbutaline )those are selective b2 agonist instead of b1 agonist.

forgime me if its not clear because i dident download the corrections,i just remember them very well.
i have a doubt regarding the part 2 decks:

in ortho decks, one deck talks about SNA and SNB angles.

SNA angle is 82+ or - 2 which is correct in the decks.

its says an SNB angle of 80 is normal. as far as i know in the Steiner analysis an SNB angle of 78 is considered normal + or - 2. but decks say 80. any explanations? do we learn it as 78 or 80?
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Hi toothmail,
SNB Angle is 80 degrees.I refered few text books and this is what I found.
thanks krishna. :)

i referred to proffit and it says 78+-2 and graber says 80 (+-2). but since decks say 80 i guess we can stick to that.

thanks again for the info.