Jan 8, 2014
I'm a senior biomedical engineering major. I'm set to graduate in Fall 2014 (a semester late) instead of May 2014. This semester is a bit weird because I'm taking 3 classes:

Biotransport (Mass & Heat Transfer) (4 Credits)
Biomedical Systems & Modeling (4 Credits)
Sociology of Health and Medicine (3 Credits)

Potential Class:
Physiological Engineering Lab (2 Credits)

I'm taking the MCAT in May and was wondering if having 11 credits and therefore being a part-time student would hurt my chances of being accepted into medical school. I've always been full-time until now with: 16,14,14,12,13,14,16 (except for summers : 8,8,0). Taking 11 credits not only allows me more time to study but also allows my hope/zell scholarship to carry over to the summer so I won't have to pay tuition for the summer allowing me to take some extra electrical engineering courses I've been wanting to take. I am a teaching assistant for an intro engineering course and a grader for biomechanics so I work about 10 hrs/week. I also volunteer 3 hrs/ week.

I can add the lab mentioned above, but it is group-based and time consuming. Also, I would have to pay $2500 for the upcoming summer semester, but I'm willing to pay it if it will hurt my chances of being accepted.

I would really appreciate some advice on whether to stick with the 3 classes or to throw in the 4th.
May 10, 2013
In the end, it probably won't matter if you took 11 or 14 credits (so I personally recommend against taking the lab). Many, many people take a lighter course load while they're studying for the MCAT. Just make sure to study hard and do well on the test.

Like the poster above me said, taking the MCAT in August and studying over the summer is also an option to consider. If you feel like you can take it in May, then sure do it. Many people do. Many people also use the summer to study (some also engage in other activities, some use all their time to study). It's all up to you. But to return to your original question, no I don't think it would matter if you took 11 credits. Good luck!