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Mar 25, 2010
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As long as you are full-time, it shouldn't make a huge difference how many credits you are carrying. I'm not sure what full time is for you, but it's probably 12 or 13 credits per semester. It probably wouldn't be a huge deal as far as your application goes to carry fewer credits, but it might impact your eligibility for financial aid if you drop below full time (again, I don't know if that is 12 or 13 credits for you). If you are really worried about it, could you find a 1-2 credit for fun class?

Edit: If you aren't having much luck with the hobos, you could also try asking a very young child. Any one of my younger cousins could have been more help for me than most of my advisors put together.


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Sep 4, 2006
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Another consideration related to dropping below full-time status is that you may not qualify for health insurance anymore.

It will not "look bad" if you take a modest courseload while studying for the MCAT. This is commonly done. Med schools like to see you carry a heavy load and succeed, but this load need not all be academic and includes ECs, research, family responsibilites, and work, as well as MCAT study.