Pass / Fail CVOID 19 Class non-prerequisite class got a B in

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I just finished all of my finals for this semester and ended up getting 2 As, an A-, and a B for a semester GPA of 3.675 and an overall of 3.732. I am thinking of doing pass / fail for the course I got a B in because it would bring my semester GPA up to a 3.89 and my overall GPA to a 3.753. The course I got a B in was a nutrition class and was not a pre-requisite. Although the nutrition class would count towards my AACOMAS science GPA and would slightly lower it. Right now I am leaning towards doing pass-fail but would like some input on the matter.


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Oct 7, 2019
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Because it's not a prereq (and it seems like it would hurt your GPA), I would take the P.
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