Jul 30, 2011
Hi all,

I will be taking my DAT by the end of 2014. This is for someone who has taken the DAT in 2014:

Is PAT actually as difficult as Bootcamp? I've been working on Bootcamp and it is way harder than CrackPAT.

For Keyholes, Bootcamp has so many intricate differences it takes me a long time to see it and sometimes the differences are too intricate to even tell.

For TFE, I need to somehow approach this differently than I did for CrackPAT. Bootcamp is way over the top more difficult and if you have done both Bootcamp and CrackPAT you will know what I mean.

For Pattern Folding, the generator has very difficult shading patterns that I have to figure out.

For Hole Punching it is also way over the top more difficult than CrackPAT. I used to be really good at this section and now using Bootcamp, I have to continue to work on this section. See PAT Test 3 for Hole Punching and you will know what I mean.

Somebody pleeeassee help. Especially if you have used Bootcamp and figured out a strategy for TFE. Should I continue to practice with Bootcamp? Is the actual DAT more like Bootcamp or more like CrackPAT? Also, is it true that different sections on each person's DAT will be harder/easier? (for example if one person got a harder PAT section, they will get an easier Reading section and vice versa)?

Thank you very much.


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Sep 10, 2014
From what I've gathered, the actual DAT is much closer to bootcamp in Keyhole/TFE/Pattern Folding/Cube Counting, although bootcamp is slightly harder than the real thing.


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Aug 21, 2014
Bootcamp PAT is good practice for the real DAT. I think bootcamp is slightly harder for each question type. If you get good at solving the Bootcamp questions, the real test will feel pretty straightforward and easy. I used all of the Bootcamp PAT materials, including their tests and generators, and ended up with a 25 PAT. Don't feel discouraged and keep at it. This section is a matter of practice and repetitions.

I would spend a decent amount of time on the TFE questions (11-12 minutes) but I would get at least 13/15 correct. My strategy was to look at each of the three pictures to see which one I can visualize best. From that visualization I would look at the other pictures and get a better grasp for the object. Once I got my image it was POE. See if this works for you.

I am not sure about the last question but the test is standardized. They test these questions over and over again and have lots of data about how students do. If one of these sections is particularly difficult then they will make it up with the scale. No one really knows how the ADA makes the DAT, but this is what you can gather from what they tell you. I would think the ADA would be pretty fair when it comes to making tests.

Hope this helps and good luck!
Nov 9, 2013
Bootcamp is harder than the real test. I ran out of time on the Bootcamp tests and finished with extra time on the real thing. I was getting 18-19 on Bootcamp and got a 22 on the actual DAT. If you can do OK on Bootcamp you should be well prepared. The keyhole and TFE sections you should be able to get almost all of them right if you take the time. Angle ranking doesn't really warrant spending extra time you might not get anymore correct. Hole punch was the hardest for me and I wouldn't spend extra time there either. Cube counting should be pretty easy after you do Bootcamp. Pattern folding is pretty easy once you figure it out.