PAT- Need TFE & Angle Ranking practice/help

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Nov 18, 2015
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So I've been lurking on this site for quite a while now, but time to finally post a question. I'm studying for my DAT and have been doing okay on Bootcamp for the PAT, but I need help on TFE. For the first 6 tests I've scored 19/19/19/19/20/20, but have done poorly on TFE, and sometimes angle ranking. While I get nearly 100% every time for cube-counting and hole-punching and I get roughly 12-13 for pattern-folding and key-hole, I am only getting about 8-11 for angle ranking and 4-9 for TFE.

That being said I can get about 90-100% for angle ranking with the generators, and about 80-90% for the TFE visualizer so I need more than just Bootcamp. Is there anything else that's really quality for practicing either of these? Or perhaps any good quality videos for TFE too watch? I'd like to score above 25 if possible on the PAT.

Thanks in advance for any help! **I would also gladly accept any tips for Organic & QR that you can give, but this post is primarily to ask about the PAT.


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Sep 29, 2015
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PAT is arguably the hardest thing that's easy. What I mean by that is it just takes time and practice to break through 'the wall' until you get it. Keep dong Bootcamp generators every day and do the PAT on DAT Genius as the explanations walk you through how to think about PAT


the links that Ari suggests in his study schedule are the best. I too was having a LOT of prob with TFE and angle ranking. I followed those links for TFE and it worked. For angle ranking, its just practice, practice and more practice and eventually you will develop your own method for it.