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Feb 13, 2001
Chicago suburbs
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Only considering questions (not images), which one will be more worth my time. I only have time for one or the other...


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Robbin's questions are closer in style and difficulty level to step 1 path questions. Webpath is good for sheer volume and reinforcement of material, but I felt like their questions were easier than questions on boards (and school exams). Also I think there are some minor factual errors in webpath. If you are studying for step 1 I would definitely go with Robbins. If you are studying for a class exam it completely depends on your individual school's exam style. see what your course director recommends.


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Apr 6, 2000
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Our course directors in Path tell us that Robbin's question book is "the way to go".

it comes highly recommended from our upperclassmen as well
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Jan 3, 2003
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Yo!! Fudd -- haven't you learned ANYTHING from your big sib???

BRS all the way -- don't waste your time w/ images...

Trust your Sushi-brother!


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Sep 9, 1999
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I agree that BRS is sufficient. I liked the Robbins questions (the few I actually had time for before the shelf) but found that the real thing was not that difficult.


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Apr 12, 2004
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We've got Klatt at Florida State ... he came from Utah about 2 years ago ... I'm not sure where he was before then.

My opinion ... I like webpath ... the questions are really helpful, Klatt also writes for the boards so they couldn't be that far off.

Can't go wrong with BRS either ... Robin's quesiton book is also written by Klatt. If you're talking about using big Robin's, it's too much to cover.

My two cents.
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