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Mar 7, 2010
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We are a very small lab and looking for an LIS system. What anatomical pathology LIS systems do you use and how do you like it??

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I've used several LIS systems over the years. You should know that the trend and future standard that all LIS vendors are going to is a cloud-based subscription model where you will never "own" the system.

AP Easy:
Bare bones and relatively cheap by comparison to other LIS vendors. Gives the impression that it was constructed for small independent laboratories or POD labs. Has all the standard interfacing options, but don't expect an easy report editor experience. Has the ability to use macros, but in the all the versions I've seen you have click through multiple tabs/windows to put together a report and rich text formatting options are limited or nonexistent depending on which fields you're working with.

The older versions that look like a souped-up version of AP Easy are being phased out for their browser-based version on the cloud. It is definitely a mature system with a lot of streamlined features that makes the workflow easy, but you're going to pay a premium for it depending on how big your lab is and how many interfaces you want to hook up.

Easily my favorite system that I have worked with because it uses Microsoft Word as the report editor, allowing for WYSISYG formatting of the final report. But neither Cerner nor Clinisys (formerly Sunquest) who made different competing versions sell it anymore. PowerPath by Clinisys is as close to CoPath as you can get, and it only makes sense for a laboratory of a certain size/volume - certainly would not recommend to labs with a foreseeable volume of less than 5K total billable accessions who have to pay for it out of pocket.

Cerner PathNet:
A system clearly designed by uninterested software engineers and tailored to hospital executives/administrators. No consideration to the pathologist user experience was given as it was intended to be just a plugin module to the Cerner EMR - in the same way that Windows always comes with Internet Explorer. It's the only LIS system that I have ever used where you have no ability to preview what the final report looks like before signing it out. You have to sign out the report, then go through a super convoluted process to see it and then come to the conclusion that not only does the report look like crap, but it's also formatted poorly. You would only purchase this software as a standalone if you're congenitally insane or irretrievably stupid.
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