Pathology Match 2016, Realistic?

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Feb 24, 2012
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I am a very interested in Pathology and hope I can get some perspective on my plans to apply for the 2016 Match.

I'm an IMG from Dominican Republic, moved to USA after finishing med school last summer (2014) to prepare for the Steps. Took Step 1 in January and got 227 (not great "/), although avg Step 1 score for 2014 matched IMG in path was 224, so at least I'm not on the left side of the curve :p. I am now preparing for CS and CK and hope to have it done by the end of June, that way I can have from July and onwards to try and get rotations in pathology for LORs.

Was hoping you guys can give me your opinion on my probability of applying this September, since I'm very worried about the fact that I still don't have any LORs. Does anybody have an idea of where I can get an observership with a pathologist?

Thanks in advance :)

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If you pass CS and CK, yeah, you have a shot. You'll need to get some US pathology experience though... I'd start with local hospitals, either academic or community based. You presumably speak Spanish, but that doesn't really get you anything as a path applicant since there's so little patient interaction.
You shouldn't have too much trouble matching to a low-tier path spot. Maybe even mid-tier if you suck up the right way.