PCAT Prep Material for sale (Collin's & Pearson) : 2020 Dr.Collin's PCAT Prep Class. Revised Version. & Pearson PCAT Practice Test.

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May 21, 2020
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$215 (shipping fee included)!! Contact me [email protected] if interested! Will be shipped within 3 days.

I only used the biology study guide (not the practice exam, only the study guide packet). Highlights and markings ONLY in the biology study guide (it would help you study if you're a visual learner because all I did is color coding and summarizing in the margin!). Never touched practice tests and other study guides. This is a great deal. The original price was $275+tax.

Pearson PCAT Multiple Choice Practice Test - I bought 3 tests for $90. Selling access to this account for $50! I never used the tests.
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