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PCOM Students, what do you think?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by MCATHELP, Dec 13, 2005.


    MCATHELP Member
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    Jun 15, 2004
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    hi all,

    i was just wondering if any current PCOM students (or anyone that can answer this) would be able to tell me how you feel about PCOM (i.e., do you like the other students, teachers, facilities, etc) and also what is PCOM's curriculum like (i.e., systems approach in which courses/material is taught in a system rather than learning the same thing over again or at separate times). Does that make sense? Thanks!
  2. Taus

    Taus .
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    Feb 1, 2005
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    Attending Physician
    don't have a lot of time now...big midterm friday...anyway...extremely happy w/ the things you asked about...and systems based curriculum...if you do a search you'll find a decent amount of info from past posts on this
  3. JonnyG

    JonnyG IN the hospitals....
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    Oct 13, 2004
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    Resident [Any Field]
    Great school, big class provides lots of options (yet faculty takes time to know everyone). Originally skeptical of system based but it really is coming together well. Wierd telling people I am only taking one course a semester (with 5 subjects). Like Taus I should be studying, we both are addicted to this
  4. Dr JPH

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    Feb 4, 2000
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    I can answer your questions about PCOM.

    First of all, the classes are fairly large: 250-265 students. This makes for good diversity in the class and its also large enough that you really are meeting "new" people throughout your 4 years. I find myself on rotations with people that are in my class that I never really talked to. The class is also big enough where you can blend into the crowd if you want or stand out, if thats your personality. Each class really has its own personality and it changes from year to year. Some years you get a bunch of gunners while other years everyone is pretty laid back. I was lucky to fall into a really laid back class where everyone meshes really well.

    The teachers and faculty here at PCOM are great. From the basic science all the way to the clinical faculty, you really get a good education. We have doctors who are experts in their field and well known/well respected clinicians who are able to offer a great education while keeping the humanity in medicine. The ancillary staff here at PCOM is great as well. I have never had any issues with financial aid, bursar or registrar (although grade reporting can be slow in the clinical years).

    The curriculum has changed since I was a first year so I cant comment too much on that, but I know that each year they look at the curriculum and try to keep it updated in order to make it more tolerable to the class while still keeping all of the information there.

    The facilities are excellent. The library can be a bit small and cramped near exam time, but there are other study areas on campus. I rarely studied on campus anyway. The computer labs on campus are easily accessible and you can usually find a computer any time you need one. I never bought a computer myself...still dont have my own!

    I have really enjoyed my time at PCOM and I hope to someday return as a clinical faculty member.

    If you have any other questions, please post them here and I will do my best to answer them and hopefully pass along some info to everyone.

    Best of luck.

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