PCOM Summer Biochem

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Aug 17, 2006
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Hi guys,
I was just accepted to PCOM. I know they offer a summer biochem course. I was not required to take it, but I was wondering if anyone that has taken it thought is was worthwhile and helped them for 1st semester biochem? Any advice?

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biochem isn't until second trimester and don't waste your time with the course if you don't have to take it. You are better off either working to earn some cash or sitting on your butt watching tv. Both are much better options. Biochem at PCOM is more form a memorization stand point then a conceptual standpoint.
Haha I like the TV advice. Thanks for the info. I am in a post-bac right now and asked PCOM if they would allow me to drop my chem / physics classes, which are MCAT based, and continue to take my biochem and anatomy grad classes. I thought that taking biochem again this summer as a refresher might help but someone told me on my interview that Histo / gross anatomy were far bigger concerns.

Anyone else?
Since you mentioned this, I posted the following on my own but received no responses yet.

For those of you who received with your acceptance letter a requirement to take the summer course in June 2007, did you receive any more details about it in the binder sent last month? I was told to do this but i didn't get any information in the binder. Thanks..