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Jan 10, 2004
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I know this has probably already been discussed, but maybe someone can help me out. I was just given as a Dell Axim palm pilot, and i am completely clueless on the programs that are essential for 3rd and 4th years. can someone post here the best overall programs that will make my life easier. thanks in advance


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Apr 6, 2004
Cincinnati, OH
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read discussion at:

Student Doctor Network Forums > Medical Forums > Clinical Rotations > PDAs - All *I* Need To Know About 'em

to recap:

1) Epocrates (free) - I'm dubious about the value of paying for Epocrates Pro

2) 5 minute Clinical Consult can be useful for a quick review right before presentations - multiple residents on different services liked the convenience

3) AvantGo (free) - can subscribe to various website newspapers, magazines, etc.

4) If there's a website you'd like to sync to your PDA, iSilo (free) is a great program

1) PDR for PDA - memory hog with a clunky interface


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Jun 7, 2001
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I am all about the free shareware for the palms...

1. Epocrates--very useful. I use it in lieu of my pocket pharmacopeia. You also get the ID guide for the 1st 30 days when you sign up as well.

2. Eponyms--very useful as well. I use this daily on most rotations I've had thus far. For all those diseases/signs/symptoms named for someone that you've never heard of until pimped OR you just can't keep straight (i.e. is that a Kernig sign or a Brudzinski sign?). I've been pimped on a few eponyms not in there, but it's a very comprehensive list overall.

3. Diagnosaurus (dxsaurus)---available at diagnosaurus.com. Useful early in third year to give you a differential diagnosis (not much else) for symptoms and/or diseases. I don't use it much, especially now, but it's free and some people really like it.

4. Medcalc or MedMath or MedRules---useful and/or fun calculations (how many days old am I? What is his Creatinine clearance? etc.)

I don't know how to use AvantGo...it came with my palm but nothing happens when I go into it except for options of "server" "add" "delete" and so on....can anyone out there explain to me how to use this program?

4. Miscellaneous---things acquired from others who found them useful (probably found on the internet somewhere, but I got beamed from others). These include an Immunization schedule, PalmEKG, MentSTAT. Ask around...there's a lot of cool programs out there to be found.
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