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Sep 22, 2013
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So I figure I would post my opinion as a medical student rotating through All Children's hospital in Florida. I have done few rotations here since my school has an affiliation with this hospital and I know they are accepting applications for residency this year. The administration is pretty disorganized and they still have no proper curriculum. I don't think it will change anytime soon. There will be no upper level senior residents so the interns will be given lot more responsibility as oppose to other programs where you have 2nd and 3rd years helping you. Especially since there will be new incoming residents and since its a first residency program for the hospital the interns will most likely be guinea pigs where most of the mistakes will be made. My step 1 and step 2 scores are high so I applied to programs with proven experience and record of producing great residents. Some suggestions are (Indiana University, Rainbow baby, CHOP, CHOLA, Miami Children's hopsital, UPMC, ...) to name a few. My girlfriend is applying for Dermatology and since she is from Boston we are hoping to match somewhere in New England.

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Thanks for the post. I was wondering if anyone had insight into the program. The hospital and area look nice. Not to mention the awesome financial package being offered. Plus the Hopkins affiliation. However, i was concerned about being without upper level residents. Was thinking that it can be either great (work close with attendings and learn a lot) or horrible (no guidance and too busy to really learn). Hopefully things will be better by 2014 for the first class. Thanks again for sharing your experience!
I agree with quepid. I have been very curious about it as well. There's lots of pros and cons that pop into my head when joining a new program. I'm hoping to shed some light on those concerns when I visit. Sounds like a nice place on paper though.
I would take Docbabi's post with a huge grain of salt-- I have first-hand knowledge of the program (given that it is a Hopkins affiliate), and the leadership is outstanding and they are everything but disorganized-- if you are offered an interview there definitely go check it out and see for yourself-- you will be very happy you did.
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