Aug 1, 2009
  1. Resident [Any Field]
Just wanted to know which is the best board review course to attend??
1. Medstudy or
2. UCLA or
3. Osler or
4. Univ. of Michigan

I have the UCLA dvd/notes but found that i never used them- too detailed and tedious. Difficult to get thru 1-2 months before the test. I used PREP (last 5 years) last 2 times and it didn't work. Is it worth attrending a board review course??:confused:
I need to pass this time-any advice?? Please help !!!
Jan 24, 2003
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  1. Attending Physician
Don't waste money on expensive courses:
formula that works (and i did horrible on in-trainings three years in a row)

1. Memorize laughing your way to passing the pediatric boards
2. read through First Aid for the Pediatric boards to see if there is any missing info not covered in #1.
3. Look through Zitelli picture book four or five times
4. Memorize milestones (drawing circles, triangles, jump on one foot, etc.)

This is the most high-yield method for a short period of time. Worked well for me-- the big caveat-- may not work well for everyone.

good luck!
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