Peds Residency in NY


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Apr 10, 2001
    hello everyone
    i am currently a third year at Sackler and need some help....
    i need to apply for electives in the states and i am a little lost.
    i want to do my peds residency either in NY or DC...

    my top choice right now is mount sinai, but everyone keeps saying how competitive it is....if there is anyone out there who is going to be at mount sinai or children's in DC for residency, please post a reply....i would be interested in where you did electives, board scores, any other pointers, etc

    also, if there is anyone out there who knows about residency programs in NY, please post a reply....
    which programs are good in NYC? which are competitive?

    thanks in advance...

    ny skindoc

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    Jul 30, 2002
      The academic manhattan hospitals Columbia,Mt Sinai,NYU are going to be highly competitive not only because of their perceived quality but also because their very desirable location.Other well known peds residencies in the NY area Motefiore,LIJ-NorthShore,Einstien Jacobi,SUNY Downstate,Maimonides.
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