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Hi, guys,

I didn't really want to search through all the bazillion pages of the UPenn 2014 thread, so am posting a new one. :)

I'm doing an externship at Penn for two weeks (June 21-July 5) this summer. I found this website: that seems to describe neighborhoods, etc for graduate students, but am not sure which areas are closest to the teaching hospital. I won't have my car and will be there for long hours--so a short walk is of primary importance.

I'm definitely willing to pitch in for rent, etc and promise that I'm an easy keeper! I'm also happy to take care of a cat or two (I don't think my schedule would allow me to take care of a dog).

I looked at Penn's website to see if there was a student housing bulletin board type thing and couldn't find one...but if you could point me to one, I'd be greatly appreciative!

I've already had the office send out an email to current students but haven't received a response yet.

If you guys have any websites to point me to, or suggestions for which neighborhoods to look at, or know of anyone who's looking for a temporary sublet around that time, please let me know...I'd really really appreciate it!!

Thanks, guys...:)


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hi allicat!! yayy i get to meet you at penn! well, looking for housing in philly sucks. its sooo hard! the streets rotate from good to bad instantly. i would definitly suggest going them to see places in person maybe once or twice. I went one weekend and didn't see anything i would be willing to drop money down for right away. i ended up going with the Left Bank (it is on the link you posted) as my easy way out+i dont have time to keep goin back to see houses in person. Next year when im living in philly it will be easier to look for places.

I suggest becoming a part of our facebook page. Now that you can find on the penn 2014 thread. i'm an admin but i forgot the name :laugh: something like penn vet class of 2014. I will PM you my name and maybe you can find me if you can't find the group. There are a TON of apts that current students listed. either wanting a roomie or to take over their lease.

Edit: i also have an awesome map that bunnity made for me!!


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If a short walk is your criteria then you have a short list. University City is pretty much your only choice. There are a ton of places between spruce and market from 40 to 47th street available. A lot of those houses are student rentals so if you check, you might find a dirt cheap sublet from a student away for the summer.

You might want to check the classifieds in the school newspaper

Also, a lot of people are advertising places on the incoming vet student bb, i think a few were looking for people to come in summer so they may be willing to make a deal..

Otherwise maybe one of the current students can ask around. There are a lot of empty places during the summer.

Good luck

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Mar 31, 2008
Are you a member of your school's chapter of Alpha Psi? That would be my rec for short-term summer housing.

Even if you're not, you may want to get in touch with them anyway. My friend lived there last summer when she was up here for research. The house is super close to school and, while not very fancy, is manageable for short term - and is cheap! It was actually a really good situation for her - she didn't have to sign a lease, she met people, there is a big yard for dogs, and it is just down the street from the school.

Send me a PM if you're interested and I'll get you the current officers' info.

If you're not interested in that, you probably want to live somewhere on Spruce, Pine, Locust, or Osage - just for convenience. 43rd street is a 10 minute walk to VHUP. Most of the streets are fairly safe out to 45th/46th. Pine is safe out to 47th/48th even. If you find something you like, let me know and I'll walk the pup up and check out the surrounding 'hood.

My recommendation though would be for you to not live out beyond 43rd. The Penn security walking escorts stop at 43rd and, even though I think you can get picked up by someone from the University City District security system, it's just easier. What rotation are you doing? If you're doing ECC I'd definitely say to stick close - you don't want to be walking without an escort in the middle of the night around here.

And FYI - I didn't get an email... ??