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Jan 24, 2004
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I went up to Philly this weekend to look for a place to live and everyone said that it was way too early to start looking....but I went to see the dental house and hated it and then I went to other apt buildings closer to like 34th street but those all seemed too far away from school. Where do the Penn Dental students live now and do you guys like where you live? When should I really start looking? The area that I thought was best was the 2 block radius around the dental 39th to 42nd and Walnut to Pine. Also, is anyone looking for a roommate?!? I AM!...does PENN have a way to find a roommate??


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Oct 6, 2003
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hey, im going to penn next year too and have been thinking about housing for the past week or so. i have heard all bad about the dental house and have heard good things about chestnut hall (if you dont mind dropping a grand+ for rent per month) and anything else on chestnut street.... the off campus link on the penn dental page is actually pretty helpful... it gives report cards of landlords and a general overall feel of each apartment complex. Im not sure if i am looking for a roomate as i have heard people advise against it for first year students.
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