General Admissions & OTCAS Personal Statement Proofread

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Jul 30, 2022
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Hello everyone! I'm planning on applying to OT schools this upcoming cycle and would greatly appreciate it if anyone would be willing to read my personal statement and provide any advice/critiques. My top school is SJSU and they ask that the statement be a page long so I am trying to make the most of the page that I have. Thanks in advance!

For anyone who has gotten into SJSU, TWU, or Texas Tech, what do you think helped you stand out and do you think I have a chance with my stats?
-Major: Public Health
-GPA: 3.85
-Pre Req GPA: 3.86
-GRE: V: 157, Q: 150, W: 4.0
-Obs. Hours: Inpatient Rehab (50 hrs), Pediatric Clinic (30 hrs), Adult daycare (32 hrs), plan to complete 30 hrs at outpatient rehab
-Extracurricular: adapted physical activity program volunteer (30 hrs), OTAC member (except I don't do anything just pay membership)
-Work experience: PT aide (1.5 yrs), Recreation Leader (2 yrs)

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