Aug 18, 2015
Two questions:

1. Should you start / end your personal statement with the usual things used in letters, as in end with "Yours Faithfully, <name>"? I.e. should PS be just plain text or more like a business letter with standard start / end things such as "Dear ..." / "Yours truly" or so?

2. Do you need to format paragraphs such that there are leading spaces and lines between them? When pasted into notepad, without separating paragraphs and indenting them, it looks like someone took random characters and sprinkled them. Is ERAS doing that for you automatically (so that e.g. indentation doesn't turn into double indentation or single line spacing into double line spacing)?


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Jan 8, 2009
Attending Physician
1. No formalities, Dear, Sincerely, or anything like that.

2. Just separate how you feel fit. You should be able to print out a preview. Many ppl will have a printed out version of you PS. Just make it so it's how you would like it to look in terms of readability.