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dentalgoal team

Dental Student
Aug 4, 2016
Dental Student
Dear Pre-Dental Student

DentalGoal offers professional essay editing, secondary application editing and interview coaching.
We take pride in our work, our customer can attest to the high level of quality and satisfaction they receive from using our service. We offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on our products. That is how confident we are in our service :)

We are a team of highly successful Harvard and Boston dental students who have interviewed all across North America and have been accepted into top dental schools. Throughout the years, we have seen many of our friends' Dental School AADSAS applications that were poorly written. These are the same individuals who are capable of getting into the dental school of their choice but could not, since they were unable to write an amazing AADSAS application. Over the years, we have reviewed the AADSAS applications of our friends and have helped guide them to transform every aspect of their application into something unique and special. Thus, we created DentalGoal!

At DentalGoal, our sole goal is to help you get into dental school. As a group of highly successful dental students that have gone through the application cycle recently, we know exactly how to take your dental school application to the next level. We not only look for flaws and critical mistakes in your application but are also here to carefully read your entire application and guide you on the right path to creating something amazing. We firmly believe we can help you succeed and optimize your chances of getting into the dental school you are aiming for. Sign-up with us today to create an application that will leave a lasting impression on admissions committees.

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