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Nov 14, 2014
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EDIT February 2021: At this time, I am no longer actively taking requests as I am now too busy with clinical duties. This may change in the future, and if so, I will revise this post accordingly. Thank you so much for your interest!

Hello! I am a fourth year medical student applying to a competitive surgical sub-specialty. I was accepted to every college I applied to, including several Ivy League schools. I also had significant success during medical school applications, receiving a total of 11 interview offers of the 25 schools I applied to, with an overall slightly above average MCAT score and average GPA (i.e.., I was not just carried by test scores/grades).

I am offering structured personal statement and secondary application essay editing at the following rates and arrangements. My job is to help you communicate in essay form who you are and why you want to be a doctor, in your own words, not mine.

Personal Statement
  • $100 for a 30 minute consultation and up to 3 rounds of edits. You send me a draft of your personal statement and your resume or AMCAS application. Then, we will arrange a 30 minute phone call to discuss any questions I had right off the bat from reading your draft. The phone call is also for me to get to know you and your motivations for applying to medical school so that I can best help make sure you are communicating what you need to get across in your own voice.
  • $15 for each subsequent round past 3 edits.
Secondary Essays
  • Starting at $15-100 for each essay depending on length, up to 3 rounds of edits each.
  • Discounts available for editing more than three secondary essays.
Contact and Payment:
Email: [email protected]
Payment: PayPal or Venmo

Best wishes, and looking forward to working with you!
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