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Sep 26, 2007
I am currently applying for the DDS/PHD program. I have been already accepted to the DDS program, and the joint program requires me to write another personal statement, new set of transcripts and new set of letters for the PhD part.

I was wondering if I should just focus on just my research experience only, and mention nothing about dentistry. or should i focus on my goal as a research clinician. I am not sure...

and how bad is it if i send in one same letter that i sent to the DDS program to the PhD program? I sent in a research letter to the DDS program and I would like to reuse it for the PhD program since it was my strongest one. And I don't wanna send another class professor letter, is it better to just send in 3 research letters (from individuals with MD/PhD (sent it to DDS already), PhD and DDS/PhD)?

Thanks much


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Jun 21, 2008
I'm not sure about DDS/PhD programs, but for MD/PhD, I was usually advised to write to the individual MD (DDS in your case) or PhD with the intent to pursuing physician-scientist. Don't be ambiguous about it, b/c one of the biggest questions they want answered is what are your motivations to pursing dual degrees, and if you are going to use both degrees.
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