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Apr 8, 2016
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I will start my intern hours hopefully by next month. I have 2 options to choose, I can either do the internship in a office based pharmacy service like CMR and MTM or LTC pharmacy.
What is your advice, which one should I choose! Do you thinK LTC pharmacy is a better opportunity to learn and gain some experience.
I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions!
Thank you!

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I like LTC considerably more than MTM, personally.

The learning opportunities will depend so heavily on the preceptor and site that I think that is literally impossible for us to know.

Good luck either way!
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To each their own and all but my absolute least favorite environment was an MTM pharmacy. I sat in a call center all day walking through CMRs with patients who clearly didn't care about what we were talking about.
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My strongest advice to interns and clerkships is to pick ones OUTSIDE of what you think you are going to work in. The wilder and wackier, the better. I spent my entry hospital rotation in a critical access hospital (which fits the required guidelines but was extremely odd) for the experience of rural DIY work (and both loved and hated aspects of it). I spent a rotation in nuclear, which became my future credential. I spent time in pediatrics, which I learned I absolutely hate (not the children, but the impossible parents at times where honestly the "cure" would be to have CPS find better parents for the children). I spent time at the NCPDP, which I was introduced to the real business of pharmacy and how Margaret Weiker is one of the single most powerful people in the profession that nobody outside a select few knows.

Do things that you would not ordinarily do, and potentially things that you will never do again. You'll have plenty of time in the standard experiences of chain drug and urban hospital, make the point of doing things that you are interested in but never had exposure to otherwise.
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