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Pharmacists views on medicinal marijuana


Junior Member
10+ Year Member
Apr 17, 2006
  1. Pre-Pharmacy
Hi everyone, I am a third year pharmacy student completing a reseach paper about pharmacists views on the medicinal use of marijuana. If you are a licensed pharmacist please take the time to complete my survey at surveymonkey.com http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=EiPNrqsmSfZvFzpCFkGzBA_3d_3d. The survey should only take about two minutes, your input would be greatly appreciated. Also, please refer any of your coworkers to complete the survey as well. Thank you
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Senior Member
10+ Year Member
7+ Year Member
Aug 3, 2004
Denver, CO
  1. Pharmacist
Completely support legalizing marijuana for any use without any restrictions.

Yeah, I'm not a licensed pharmacist so I won't corrupt your data.

Legalize it. Not without restriction though. Penalties for underage sale and use need to be strict. And I think it should come from a licensed point of sale to control access. Growth for personal use should be allowed, but not mass cultivation without controls and inspections to maintain purity. Marijuana IS a drug after all.

Certain professionals, like pharmacists, should be prohibited from using within a set number of hours before a shift. Very much like the smell of alcohol on a medical professional is a red-flag.
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