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    So i have a interview soon and am kind of nervous since im not so good with interviews. I'm not currently working and only worked as a pharmacist for a few months. I was working for independent but to be honest i was fired, mainly because they were making me do things that i was not so comfortable with but of course they made it seem like i wasn't doing that great of a job since im still pretty new. I did not really end in that good of terms with them so which is why im also worried like they probably won't say good things if they get a call. I'm wondering whats the best thing to say during the interview when they ask why i left my last job. I don't want to be bad mouthing but i don't want it to seem like i was incompetent, there was just a lot of issues involved. Thanks a lot.
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    "In my professional judgment, I was not personally comfortable with the practice of pharmacy at that location."
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