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Apr 12, 2003
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I want to subscribe to a pharmacy related magazine but Im not sure which one to subscribe to: DrugTopics seems like a good one. USPharmacist is another option. Does anyone here have an idea of what would be a good choice for a pre-pharm student? Let me know. Thanks.


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Both are pretty good, and both are also 100% free. Just sign up on their websites and have them sent to your house. Be careful when you're looking for unbiased opinions. Some articles are funded by certain drug companies and are not always 100% objective. It's a great real-pharmacy reference though. If you went to a local pharmacy, they would probably give you a recent back-issue.
both are free???I think you meant they are free for pharmacists ???
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They're free. I've gotten both for years. "Subscriptions are free to qualified recipients. Qualified recipients are individuals who work for independent pharmacies (1-3 units); chain pharmacy stores (4 or more units); supermarkets operating Rx departments; department, discount stores and variety chains operating Rx departments; drug purchasing headquarters (including discount stores, supermarkets, retail drug chains and department chains); hospitals operating an Rx department and nursing homes offering Rx service; HMO's and HMO operated/owned pharmacies; wholesale druggists, their buyers, salesmen and executive personnel. " They aren't going to come kill your family for signing up as a student or employee (even part time) at a pharmacy. If you're pre-pharm, I would just order it.

Most of the articles are on their websites for free too.
Excellent, thank you for the good information jd, I will try to subscribe to both and see if I can get away with getting them free. :D

Thanks again