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pharmacy question

Discussion in 'Canada' started by GabonpharmD, Nov 24, 2005.

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    Jan 31, 2005
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    hello everybody,

    I am posting my questions here but they are pharmacy related.. double posting is a violation of this web site rules so.. i had to make a difficult decision..on where to express myself on this matter......
    I just thought after reading the content of this forum that i have more chances to get accurate answer here as my questions directly concern working in Canada.

    here is the short story:

    I am an international student (Gabon). After a BS biochemistry at UQAM (montreal) i was told by the local pharmacy school (UDM) that i could not get into their program because of my international student status ( only permanent resident and citizen could get into it) so i moved to the US and i am now a p-1. I was on my way to live the American dream...until my husband did not find a phD in th US, so he went back to Canada
    ..and now i am back to square one....having to considerate working in Quebec 4 years from now..i am considering this option because my husband had let say " some really unpleasant" experiences when he was looking or his phD here..now he is all bitter and swear to not even consider coming back for a post Doc ( he may change his mind..i am working on it..)

    meanwhile here are my questions:

    I should be a canadian permanent resident in the next 4 years...but i have no idea on how to make the transition from studying here to working there..if anybody knows..or know somebody ( a pharmacist) that have done such move..please share your or your friend experience with me.

    Will i have to repeat classes? exams to take?
    does Quebec accept US pharmacist degree?

    is it possible to do intership in Quebec during the summer?
    if yes should i apply for a temporary permit to work....?

    when I think about Quebec..the only name that come to my mind is Jean-Coutu..is there any other pharmacy chain..in Qc in Canada?

    i am asking about chain but will considere hospital pharmacy
    i am asking about Quebec but will consider other province too..

    one last question: where is Canada does pharmacists make the most?
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