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Physical Therapist WANTED!


New Member
Aug 2, 2014
    Professional Rehabilitation practice is seeking licensed NJ Physical Therapist for our growing practice based in Maywood, NJ. We are a reputable facility offering comprehensive physical therapy services specifically tailored to meet patient needs and maximizing one-on-one time. We are looking for a highly motivated Physical Therapist who strives for quality and growth.

    Experience in manual therapy and exercise therapy.

    -Complete full patient evaluation and develop an individualized treatment program
    based on evaluation of patient data and their specific rehabilitative needs
    -Manual therapy skills
    -Candidate must apply strong clinical thinking and be attentive to detail
    -Strong communication skills
    -Responsible for documentation of all patient encounters in electronic medical records system

    Qualified candidates should email a resume and contact information so we can schedule an interview - [email protected] or call 201-880-7787

    Key Qualifications:
    - NJ Licensed Physical Therapist
    - Excellent time management, organizational and interpersonal skills
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