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Discussion in 'Finance and Investment' started by ducom, Dec 5, 2008.

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    I'm interested in getting involved in finance/business along with my medical career. However, I don't plan on just managing a hospital or running a phamaceutical/medical device company instead of my practice. Rather, I hope to get involved in consulting work/scouting for hedge funds, venture capitalists, private equity firms, mutual funds, or consulting firms (Deloitte, Frost and Sullivan, McKinsey..). Or perhaps getting involved directly by becoming an angel investor.

    Has anybody on SDN done this or know somebody who has? I'd really like to keep practicing, because I'm too much in love with medicine to give it up for business - or else I would've done that instead! But the thrill that comes with entrepreneurship and working to find hot start-up is great, and I'd like to work with that. I know there are MD's as principals of private equity firms and such, how do you get into that kind of thing?
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    You don't apply to them. They find you. Ever notice that those people doing hedge fund work or sitting on boards of big pharma or small biotech firms were FIRST experts in their field and then achieved those posts.

    You could theoretically start your own small business and hope to grow it to that size but you won't get to play with the big boys unless your knowledge or expertise in that specialized area is world-class.

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