Physics practice tests Score Scales, TPR?

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Mar 2, 2008
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hey sorry for the topic title. so i started studying for mcat back when it was a paper version and so i have paper tests from tprA-D. and this is the first time ive taken a test, right now just the physics/chem section. I know the format has changed a bit since. But if anybody is in a similar situation, i need feedback on scores.
it took me 140minutes to finish the test instead of 100, so i know i have a lot of work, but im more worried about the # of questions i got wrong. i know throughout the test i tried to evaluate how comfortable i was with various topics and i saw a lot of weaknesses, a lot of questions where i memorized some formula(or it was given) and if it had been only a bit harder, i would be stuck(and i did get stuck on a lot of questions, which is why i ran out of time). but what really pissed me off was that i marked some question with a star because i had doubts about how to solve them and i dont think i got any of them wrong, while i most likely made some heavy mistakes in the ones that were wrong but that i didnt spend much time on. i got the very first question wrong and i dont remember what it was about but i remember that on the first passage(6questions) i spent 10minutes and i felt that the questions were too easy and i was very wasteful with my time. but by the time i got half way through(i still recorded my time and difficulties) i was no longer concerned with time but only felt like i need to get fewer questions wrong.

so i got 67/77. it says on the chart that it is a 12 but the scale ends at 12. also tpr a-d is supposed to be harder, but i know that on a real exam(i have aamc paper tests,etc) 67 might not even get u a 12. and then there is a great difference between 12 and 14 for example.

so my goal is 14-15 and right now i couldnt even get a 12(if i used only 100mins). i know i will review the topics in which i was weak but also i wonder how do these tpr tests compare to EK and aamc?? i know i need to get at least 75/77.

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