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Nov 6, 2004
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Here are some physiology links.
Hope it helps.
Good luck

1) http://gc1132.pageout.net/page.dyn/...course_id=95678
(I already posted this above) movies accompanied by lecture materials for Human Anatomy and Physiology; updated weekly; McGraw-Hill Higher Education
2) http://www-medlib.med.utah.edu/kw/p...per_heart1.html
Cartoon depicting relationship between mechanical, electrical, and audiologic events during the normal cardiac cycle. I recommand this for cardiac cycle.
3) http://www.med.uwo.ca/physiology/courses/medsweb/
Animated neurophisiology: flash presentstions, pdf format, links and sample exams
4) http://human.physiol.arizona.edu/SchedTitle.html
5) http://www.mfi.ku.dk/ppaulev/content.htm
6) http://www.biology.eku.edu/RITCHISO/301syl.htm
Text, images, questions
7) http://www.pnb.sunysb.edu/hby531/default.asp
an introduction to the physiology and microanatomy of the human body; has online MCQs and problem sets
8) http://www.lww.com/static/docs/0-7817-3919-5-ibc.pdf
Key Physiology Equations
9) http://imc.gsm.com/demos/hpdemo/program/start.htm
Text, images, questions

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