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Discussion in 'Dental Residents and Practicing Dentists' started by zoothslooth, Jun 19, 2008.

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    I just got home from glamour shots and I have some great pics of myself. Should I go with the blue pin-stripe suit with white shirt and red tie, or grey suit with blue shirt and yellow tie? Glamour shots is the key to getting into a residency, trust me. :D Seriously, how much stock do you think that programs put in the pictures? Could it really matter that much unless of course you are an ugly monster or Angelina Jolie-good looking?
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    they don't matter. my wife took a picture of me at home in a shirt and tie and we printed them off at walmart. they weren't even 2x2 but they were close enough. no one cared.
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    I went the opposite route and used one that was taken outside during the summer at a family picnic. I figured at least it would be different from all the shirt/tie application pictures. With my application it couldn't have hurt.
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  4. At our program, residents are able to provide input in selecting who gets accepted. The pictures just serve to help us match a face with the name when we are reviewing applicants after the interview process. That mental image is more vivid in recalling personal skills and first impressions. Fortunately for us, we interview all in one day... but some programs interview on a number of different dates and it would be difficult to remember by name only someone who had interviewed weeks ago when you are ready to consider the applicants to accept.

    So... I suppose it's good to have a nice, clean looking picture... but I don't think it has to be anything specific. When I interviewed, I just set a camera on top of my desk in my room and took a pic of myself and printed it at Wal-mart. I got in, so apparently it was good enough :)


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