Aug 17, 2015
Hi everybody!
First of all, I've chosen what I will study when I will finish the highschool here in Italy: Medicine.
But the problem now is: Where will I study medicine? Here in Italy or in another country?
As everyone probably knows, here in Italy, before starting studying Medicine a student has to pass an exam.
My "Plan A" is to study for this exam and, if I will pass it, I will attend the University here in Italy (probabluy Milan or Pavia, one one the greatest university city in Italy).
However I may not pass this exam.
So, as my brother suggested to me, I tought about a "Plan B": doing the university abroad.
I thought about Germany, because I really would like to learn the German and, maybe, in the future, live in that beautiful country. I heard about great Universities in Heidelberg. How is it?
Can someone give me some information about university in Germany (specially about Heidelberg)?
How much does it cost? How is the organization? How about the course of study? Is, as here in Italy, 6 years of Medicine? How about the organization in the hospitals?
Unfortunately I've never studied the German, but I alway find it very interesting and as I said before, i would like to learn it.
Is there the possibility of studying all the course of study of Medicine in a German University (Heidelberg) in English? Is necessary some certification? Is enough the FCE (I've recently passed it) or is necessary the IELTS?
Thanks everyone


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Jul 2, 2013
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Thank you very much!
What about France? Do you know something?
I hope I will find some english course of study abroad.
I think it would be a great experience doing the university not here in Italy.
I honestly know very little about the medical education systems in other countries. The website I linked has information for several countries though, and I believe France is one of them. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, my knowledge in this area is pretty limited though.
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