Planning for reapplication and looking for advice

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Apr 30, 2020
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Hi! I applied in the 2019-2020 cycle and only got two MD interviews (did not apply to DO schools)- of which one ended in a rejection and one in a waitlist. I am taking a year to review what happened and work on different parts of my application, but I am not sure what exactly went wrong :/ My college does not really have any pred-med counselors, and I don’t have any people close to me that are doctors/in med school, so I have no one to ask for feedback.

Here is a little about my application.

-Graduated in 2018. 3.89 GPA, 511 MCAT (first time 507). Then did 2 gap years, doing research in pharma. During those years, I mostly enhanced my leadership. In school I was an EMT for 3 years, did research for 3 years, was a TA for 2 classes and also was a mentor to international students, and volunteered at a hospital for 2 years. I have 68 hrs of shadowing (4 physicians) and a few academic awards. I have added the hours for all the activities at the end of the post

I know that I could have done better in one of my interviews (but then, I did not get that many interviews to start with- applied to 20 schools, a lot that have lower GPA/MCAT averages and a few with higher). I am a MN resident. Got an interview from the U of Minnesota (post interview rej) and Penn state (waitlist). I also did not show my personal statement and secondaries to many people (2 total, one of them a writing coach). I am wondering, is my MCAT good enough? Was it just my PS/secondaries? Was it that I have not done a lot of clinical stuff recently?

I am taking this year to work on things, so I was thinking that I get a job in a hospital to increase my clinical experience, and also volunteer again at a hospital. I could also continue conducting research at a different lab- not sure about my next steps…Does anyone have any suggestions?

Research - 5660 hrs
  • 2 year research program (FTE) – 4160 hrs (did not list as research at the time, listed as paid empl. -non clinical)
  • immunology lab for 3 years (during school and summers) – 1500 hrs
Clinical – 700 hrs
  • EMT – 300hrs
  • Hospital volunteer – 400 hrs

Non-clinical – 1050 hrs
  • mentor for international students – 300 hrs
  • TA for 2 classes – 750 hrs
Shadowing – 68 hrs
  • 4 physicians ( 3 specialties)
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Apr 30, 2020
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What was your school list and how many hours of non-clinical and clinical volunteering did you have?

Hi! I just updated my post to have the hours, sorry. Non- clinical was 1050 hrs and clinical was 700 hrs.
School list: Albany, Albert Einstein, BU, Case Western, Drexel, Emory, Quinnipiac, Dartmouth, Geisinger, George Washington, Georgetown, Buffalo, Lewis Katz, Loyola, MCW, NYMC, NY Long Island, Penn State, Rush, Seton Hall-Hackensack, Tufts, University of Minnesota
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Sep 15, 2012
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When you reapply apply to more schools and I suggest these:
U Minnesota
New York Medical College
Seton Hall
Penn State
George Washington
Virginia Commonwealth
Eastern Virginia
Wake Forest
Florida Atlantic
Florida International
Central Florida
St. Louis
Rosalind Franklin
Medical College Wisconsin
Oakland Beaumont
Wayne State
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