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Mar 7, 2013
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I think posting on here would give me a much better idea of what i would need to do to better my chances of dental school acceptances

I applied this cycle to only a few school and was interviewed and wait listed by one. Unfortunately as of right now I don't see an acceptance happening this year as I had to drop one course but here's my break down

AA 18
PAT 22
Bio 20
Reading 17
Math 17

Science 3.3
Overall 3.4
Microbiology Major
Research for two years
Worked part time for 2.5 years at a non- university affiliated research lab
Founder/president of a research org on campus
Shadowing hours (50+) currently

I am planning on retaking my DAT shooting for a 20-21 AA which i think is very possible for me. Unfortunately work has been cutting into a good deal of my academic life.
I was hoping to find some sort of a dental internship program for the summer but I'm not exactly sure where would be good places to apply so if anyone has any information on that, I would really appreciate it. Otherwise any suggestions as to what to do to better my application for next year would be great. I am currently a senior graduating in the spring of 2014.

Would really like to know if I should do post-bac/ Master's program, preferring not to as it's an ass ton of money that I don't want to spend but if I have to I will.

Thanks for all your help guys!


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Dec 1, 2013
improve the DAT scores. I had the same GPA has you pretty much, but had way better DAT. then you're set. do some volunteering too while youre at it to further bolster it
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