Aug 12, 2019
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Hello! I'm currently a sophomore and have been part of a lab since the fall semester investigating nitric oxide synthase phosphorylation on the broader scope of cardiovascular/vascular physiology. It's been 1.5 semesters and my team and I are still writing proposals and searching for funding because we are basically starting our lab from scratch; bottom line is that we have not been able to gather data yet and it's been harder to come into the actual lab and do real work due to COVID restrictions in my school. The research topic is extremely interesting and is something that I'd like to delve deeper into.

However, I came across a research opportunity that focuses on how community-identified needs can be addressed through long-term investment in a marginalized location in the Dominican Republic. To clarify, this is not a medical outreach endeavor but instead a partnership between my institution and the community that collects data and figure out together optimal methods of development. The time commitment is about 5 hours/week and a 7-10 day trip to the Dominican Republic.

As you can see, this research is completely different from the lab that I'm currently in (public health vs. cellular physiology // dry lab vs. wet lab), but it's still something that I'd like to pursue because I am interested in global health and learning about Latin American culture.

My main concern is that I will be stretching myself too thin with other research, academics, and other extracurriculars, especially going into my junior year (not to mention that the MCAT will be looming around the corner), which will ultimately damage my [overall] application instead of showcase my interest in public health research/outreach. Ahhh there is so much I want to do but the need to sort out priorities is so real and so frustrating :(

In that regard, do you think it's worth my time to become involved in the research group? Additionally, considering the amount of "progress" that I've made in my current lab, am I actually lacking in research? I would like to receive input on the first question ASAP because I need to let the lab know in 2 days.

Thank you so much for all of your help!
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Jun 5, 2020
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Are you maintaining a solid / stellar GPA ? I would focus on that before pursuing additional research. Sounds like your current research is substantive.
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