Apr 14, 2010
hi everyone im new to this site and just recently decided to pursue dentistry. I've been reading through some threads and I have a couple of questions:

1) For the DAT, what does TR stand for?
2) Also, for these american dental schools, if you complete your undergrad for 4 years, do they look at all 4 years when applying or your best 2 yrs. Im from Ontario, Canada and over here schools like Western and Toronto look at best 2 years.
3) Lastly, ive heard from some people that most american dental schools accept the Canadian DAT..can anyone clarify because i dont plan to write the american DAT and have already wrriten the Canadian.

Thanks in advance!
Oct 8, 2009
1. TR? Do you mean QR? which is quantitative reasoning (math). Maybe TR is something on the Canadian DAT

2. They look at all 4 years, but upward trends are important if you have some poor grades.

3. I would just look at each school's website that you're interested in to see if they take the Canadian DAT.

I also would recommend getting the ADEA Official Guide to dental schools. Found here https://access.adea.org/adeassa/ecssashop.shopping_page
It has a lot of great information--Average DAT scores, # of out of state applicants accepted, interviewed, % of ethnicities, prerequisite courses...all the good stuff.