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Please help i need advice

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by Citrusxoxo, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. Hey guys I need a little help here,

    I am finishing my AA this spring and I plan to transfer to a University to continue my degree in science. I am apply for the fall semster now so that If i dont get in then I can apply somewhere else. Here is my story. This summer my mom passed away of cancer. I was enrolled in a American Lit class at a community college. My mom was in the hospital for two weeks prior to her passing away. As most of you know american lit requires alot of reading. When your taking a class that is normally 15 weeks and then you take it in the summer its an 8 week class. So it was a ton of reading. Im 21 years old and loosing my mom was so hard for me. I really wasnt thinking about reading and I withdrew from the class. When you withdray you either WP (withdraw passing) or WF (withdraw failing) I withdrew failing and it goes as an F on your GPA. I know on the admissions site for the college it said on all course work i must have alteast a 2.0. Well i don't. I have good grades on everything else.

    The admission guy said that I could put a letter with my application stating the reason why i WF.

    I am really stuck on what to say. I dont really have anyone else to ask for advice. So i thought I might ask some of you what you might say if you were in my situation.

    Keep in mind that this is not for pharmacy school its just for regular admissions to a 4 year college.

    I am also re-taking the class this spring :)

    If you would like to post your ideas on here you can or you can email me personally at [email protected]. I really appriciate you guys reading this and I would really value your opinions. If this isnt the right place to post this im really sorry but i am taking my pre reqs for pharmacy and I post here alot about pharamcy.

    Thank you so much,
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    Did you check to see if your school has some kind of bereavement policy? They may be able to change your F (or WF) to a plain withdraw.

    At UC Davis we had such policies in place for medical emergencies, deaths, etc.

  3. No i sure didnt but thank you! im going to check into that right now. I know they have a forgiveness policy where I can retake the class and the new grade will take the place of the F on my GPA...I will check into that thanks :)


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