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Aug 13, 2015
Hello everyone,
I'm going to get right into it. I am a 23 year old young woman who has taken the past 5 years off from school. After high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Partially because I am interested in the arts as well as the sciences. Instead of taking classes, I got a job and have been working. At this point in my life, I know I want to go back to school but my issue lies in the fact that I don't know if any universities will accept me. I am currently conflicted between pharmacy and anesthesiology. Either way, I have the next 4 years to complete my BS and I am nervous that it will be a complete waste of time because med/pharm schools won't consider me. I didn't take advanced classes in high school and I'm pretty sure I'll be much older than any other applicants by the time I apply. My question is, am I wasting my time and energy? I am so eager and excited about my future, but very nervous that I'm too weak of an applicant.
I appreciate any and all help.


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May 30, 2011
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The oldest person in my class is 40. Assuming a normal trajectory, you will be around 28 when you start med school, so you will not be "much older" so much as "a little older". More importantly, though, you need to go through college and decide if you even want to be a student or enjoy rigorous coursework.
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Jul 17, 2015
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Find a BS program that gives you guaranteed linkage into their pharmacy or medical school. UIC comes to mind. Easy/peasy. You're overthinking it. You never know unless you apply. Don't shoot yourself in the foot before you even get in the door! Lots of schools offer that type of situation btw. And finding a program like that will save you the tricky mess of applying everywhere come junior/senior year. As for your age, since I'm guessing you will be a freshman in college, age shouldn't hinder your acceptance. At least not in state schools. Nobody cares how old you are. In my state, in-state universities and community colleges give Senior Citizens free tuition, so you're never too late to get your degree.


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Apr 24, 2013
As has been stated, don't worry about your age for a moment.

What you should instead worry about is over-committing to the unknown. Take one science in your first quarter back and see how it goes. If you like it and do well, try another one the next quarter.

You will learn for yourself if you like science, if you can keep up this pace in the long run, and if you want to continue on to pharmacy or med school afterwards.

Don't do too much at once, focus on school alone if you can. Don't rush it. Constantly reasses your situation, how things are going, and if you still want to follow this path as you progress through college. Good luck!