Jun 2, 2020
Hi everybody,
I just took the OAT, and my reading comprehension score was crazy low ... 250.
RC was my strongest score when taking practice tests and my jaw dropped when I saw my score. 250 is like 7/50 I believe, and I feel like if I would have closed my eyes and just taken the test it would have turned out better...!
Anyway, here's a breakdown of my score

QR: 330
RC: 250
Bio: 330
GC: 350
OC: 310
Physics: 290
Total Science: 320
Academic Average: 310

Do you know if any schools will take me with a 250 on RC? Are you aware of any schools that have limit on section scores beside SCCO (Ik they ask for 300 min).
I have even contacted ADA to look into my test because ... it's just too crazy to be true.
Have you guys ever heard of system errors on calculating scores?...
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Nov 26, 2018
I don't know what other schools limits are for the acceptable OAT threshold, but I got a 280 on RC and got an interview and accepted to SCCO with it.
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