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    I am an IMG.I am scheduled to give my CSA on the 26th of december.Step1, 2 and the ERAS application procedure is already completed.
    I expect to get licensed no earlier then mid febuary only after which will I be eligible to even apply for USMLE step3.
    There are a few questions for which I need urgent advice.

    Q1.I am Pakistani by origin.Is only H1 visa available for Pakistani applicants or J1 is also sponsored?

    Q2.As most interviews are conducted in febuary, will I be able to negotiate with my employer for an H1, without having finished step3?

    Q3.If I go for H1 then I must finish Step3 which is a prerequisite for it.I dont expect to pass Step3 any earlier then April 2003, by when match results are already out and residency spots are filled.Will my employer, who hired me thorugh NRMP match in March (by when I still hadnt finished my step3) be willing to sponsor H1, eventhough I finish step3 after getting matched?

    Q4.Are the expenses of the visa procedure, like hiring a lawyer and filing a visa petition, borne by the applicant?

    Q5.Are visas issued only from the country of origin, or we can also get them from within the USA?

    I shall greatly appreciate if some one could guide me and put me in the right direction.I dont wanna end up in a sittuation when I have a residency spot but dont have the right visa to stay in the USA.

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